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The main characteristic of the times in which we live is the speed and danger. Because of these characteristics the inevitable consequence is high incidence of acute conditions in the population, which has higlighted the problem of adequate and functional organization of the system of emergency medicine in order to save lives and prevent the occurrence of disability in the population.

Especially emphasized is the importance of this segment in the health care system when it comes to ensuring the health protection in active working population. However, emergency medicine not only emergency situations that can occur as a result of accidents in civil conditions but also in wounded in war conditions and natrural disasters.

It covers a wide range of pathology with characteristicly urgent medicine within all fields of medicine (internist, cardiology, surgery, trauma, and other) where patients are treated according to the degree of urgency. In order to be well organized and functional, this segment of health care it is necessary to ensure adequate training of health workers to all types of complexity (level of education), which is partly regulated by the existing laws dealing with this issue. However, in all parts of our country, even in developed countries, there are disagreements and concerns who, where, when and how to provide emergency medical system.

What is Emergency Medical Help

EMS Sarajevo is operating on the following principle - the definition of an emergency medical condition as to which any sudden deterioration of health or worsening of the disease, resulting from any cause which may endanger life or cause damage to human health and that it is necessary to point out immediate medical attention.

Its organizational structure based on the principles of fast and efficient assistance based on universal principles - the doctrinal positions of emergency medicine - a medical emergency.

EMS is organized in six municipalities from the Assembly of Sarajevo, and today, the decision of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly is organized and operates as a Public Institute for Emergency Medical Services Sarajevo Canton for nine districts, with a total area of ​​1274 km2 with a population of 434,000.

The organizational structure of the Institute for Emergency Medical Services of the Sarajevo Canton (ZHMP HP) is unique in Europe and in the world. EMS offers a wide range of services in the field of prehospital emergency medicine.

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