As of today, JU ZHMP KS is better equipped for three vans for the transport of hemodialysis patients and four beds for resuscitation / examination of patients in the outpatient clinic of the central facility of JU ZHMP KS. The procurement of two cardio cars with equipment and mannequins with accompanying equipment for the work of the Center for Education of Emergency Medical Aid "Prim. Dr. Silva Rizvanbegović" is in progress. Funds in the amount of 660,000 KM were provided for this operation by the Ministry of Health from the KS budget for 2019.
On that occasion, in front of the central ambulance facility, in the presence of the delegation of the Ministry of Health of KS, headed by Doc. Dr. Amela Sofić, Minister of Health of KS, today handed over the handover of vehicles and equipment.

“Safe transport of critical patients and emergency medical service equipment in the vehicle itself means saving lives. The education of staff, which this institution continuously conducts and provides to medical workers in the entire territory of BiH, is especially important ”. said Minister of Health Amela Sofić. Adem Zalihić, director of JU ZHMP KS pointed out that in the Sarajevo Canton is treated slightly more than 300 hemodialysis patients, of which our institution transports 225 of them, and added: "We were in a situation equipment, the transport of these patients comes into question. We thank the Government of KS, the line ministry and Minister Sofić for recognizing our needs and enabling us to continue transporting and helping patients in emergency situations. "

Kontinuiranom edukacijom i savremenom opremom do cilja !!!

Gepostet von Hitna Pomoc Kantona Sarajevo am Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019