Establishment of a room for "Patient Observation" in the Central Emergency Room Sarajevo, with the aim of improving the treatment of our patients, and relieving the secondary and tertiary level of health care in KS, is the plan of the management of JU ZHMP KS. The project itself will be realized through several phases:
1. Provision of adequate observation room
2. Equipping the observation with patient monitors connected to the central outpatient monitoring with the procurement of other necessary medical equipment
3. Establishment of an appropriate laboratory service with adequate response to the requests of observed patients
4. Establishment of X-ray service as additional diagnostic support.
5. Integration into the Laboratory and Radiological Information System with the already existing Ambulatory and Hospital Information System
6. Education of medical staff
We are proud to point out that we are completing the works on the first two phases, while we have provided all the necessary equipment for the other phases, and we are currently resolving the formal legal status.
We thank our friends for their support and help, without them it would be difficult to get this far.