24 hours a day, 365 days a year, vitally endangered patients are always our patients regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality and any other affiliation❗
I really felt the need and desire to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved my 22-month-old son today. While playing he just started to choke, foam and blue. I tried in various ways to help him but to no avail, he was just looking for air . I had no choice but to call you. By the time we were on the line and the data was being taken colleagues had already arrived. Everything lasted 3-4 minutes and for me like a year. . Dr. Kenan Ljuhar and his team came in such a short time. I can't describe to you how kind, skilful, caring they are and everything was resolved as if nothing had happened. Indeed, our citizens should think twice before giving any bad instructions to you. Your work has no price it cannot be paid. What I survived I would not wish on anyone. But thank God we have you.
P.S. the little one is fine thank god.
I wish you a lot of success and as few interventions as possible. A Dr. Another big thank you from the heart to Kenan and the team. ”