The goals of the association are:

    • Mens sana in corpore sano (In a healthy body a healthy mind)
    • Organize and prepare sports teams of ZHMP KS for going to sports competitions on the territory of BiH and beyond, in order to adequately promote ZHMP KS on the sports field
    • Gathering employees for recreation and promotion of sports
    • Participation in sports competitions and recreation of members
    • Collection, recording and classification of sporting events (notices, results)
    • Establishment and development of as many sports sections in the association as possible
    • Cooperation with other sports associations in FBIH and beyond

The activities of the association are:

    • Organization of tournaments, sports and recreational events, whose contents contribute to the improvement of psychophysical abilities and health of the members of the Association.
    • Participation in sports competitions
    • Establishment of sections within the association: basketball, football, chess, handball, volleyball, table tennis, martial arts, etc.
    • Encouraging mass participation in all branches of sport
    • Providing assistance in sports education of young generations
    • Cooperation with other sports clubs and associations
    • Performing other tasks that contribute to the achievement of the goals of the association determined by this Statute.
    • Organizing excursions and similar actions with sports and recreational facilities during daily and weekly vacations

The association has over 30 members organized in several sections:

    • indoor soccer
    • chess
    • basketball
    • table tennis
    • martial arts (Taekwando)

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