On the occasion of May 12 - International Day of Nurses-Technicians, May 12, 2019. at the Holywood Hotel, the Chamber of Nurses-Technicians of the Sarajevo Canton organized the award ceremony for prominent and deserving members of this chamber. On that occasion, our Imela Džafić HMT-Educator deserved the "Golden Plaque" for her professional work and contribution to the improvement of the work of nurses-technicians, while our Hasna Beganović and Munevera Alispahić received a thank you for their dedication of his working life in preserving and advancing this honorable profession.
Awards of thanks in front of the Chamber of Nurses-Technicians were presented by eminent personalities from this medical profession, led by the President of KMSTKS Doc.dr Hadžan Konj.
The staff of JU ZHMP KS sends sincere congratulations to our awarded employees and to the representatives of the Chamber of Nurses-Technicians of Sarajevo Canton with words of support and thanks for this beautifully organized ceremony.