07/26/2019 Damir Vejo, Director of the Sarajevo Police Academy, and Željko Pejović, Head of the Training Standardization Group at the Sarajevo Police Academy, paid a working visit to the ZHMP KS Public Institution. Following the example of the European Union countries where first aid and self-help procedures are an integral part of education for every police officer, representatives of the Sarajevo Police Academy and the director of the Public Institution for Emergency Medical Aid of Sarajevo Canton Mr. Adci Zalihić, Ph.D. = "text_exposed_show"> they talked about the cooperation that will be reflected in the education of the teaching staff of the Police Academy Sarajevo, and after the harmonization of legal acts, and education for all students of the Police Academy Sarajevo in the Education Center JU ZHMP KS from BLS / Aed. This type of training is extremely important both for the police officers themselves and for the citizens of Sarajevo Canton. Cooperation between members of the KS Ministry of the Interior and the KS ZHMP Public Institution has always been at an enviable level, and with this agreement it has become even stronger and stronger.
We thank the representatives of the Sarajevo Police Academy for their trust and we are sincerely looking forward to cooperation in this field as well.
JU ZHMP KS, MUP KS, PVB KS and GSS KS are proven backbones of Sarajevo Canton, and any improvement of cooperation between these services is a great benefit in the protection of citizens of Sarajevo Canton, which is ultimately our goal and task.