• 03/12/2019

    It all started when several citizens called an ambulance and explained how the husband was driving his wife who was in labor towards their building.

    The real drama took place yesterday afternoon at around 5.30 pm in front of the building of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid of Sarajevo Canton.

    Sve je počelo kada je nekoliko građana pozvalo Hitnu pomoć i objasnilo kako suprug automobilom vozi suprugu koja je dobila trudove prema njihovoj zgradi.

    - Our medical team was ready to meet them immediately and it was suggested, but it was said not to leave, but that the doctors were ready to wait in front of the building, which was done. Shortly afterwards, the car arrived, the man ran out and waved for help - says at the beginning of the conversation Dr. Adem Zalihić, director of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid KS.

    According to Zalihić, the doctors immediately ran into the car and found an incredible sight in it - a woman holding a baby, who was born a minute or two before the car reached the ambulance building.

    - The doctors immediately started taking care of the baby and the mother. They cut the umbilical cord and controlled all vital parameters that were normal in both the mother and the newborn boy. It is good that the mother did not bleed too much. After that, the mother and baby were transported to the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš ”, and the information we have at the moment is that the baby and mother are in excellent condition - emphasizes Zalihić.

    The ambulance told us that they later found out that the mother, who has this third child, gave birth on her own while the father was driving the car towards the ambulance building.

    - Every ambulance has the latest so-called "Gynecological set" just for such cases. We have cellophane in which we immediately wrap the baby, whose function is to prevent the loss of body fluid and temperature, which was done in this case as well - says Zalihić.

    The director of the Emergency Service states that this is not the first case of this kind that their medical teams have encountered.

    - As part of the training, which is passed by the medical teams of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid, it is also in the case of childbirth, so we are ready to respond to such a situation at any time. So far, we have had several cases of a woman giving birth in our car. I remember we had a similar case last summer when a woman started giving birth just as she got into an ambulance. And then everything went well. I think that there is not a single member of our medical teams who has not encountered such and similar situations in his working life. There is no better moment for us when everything ends happily in the end, as it was yesterday - said Zalihić.