Traffic congestion is a burning problem for doctors of the Sarajevo Ambulance on a daily basis, because they often get stuck in traffic jams while going to the hospital with a life-threatening patient.

A similar situation was recorded today when the ambulance was in a column trying to break through the side streets to the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdullah Nakash ”. There was a patient in the vehicle.

The column was created because of parked cars, and mostly because of the works in Kranjčevićeva Street that have been going on for a long time, so the one-way side street leading to the General Hospital has "become" two-way.

"Scenes are terrible, and unthinkable for those who have not experienced them, when you rush to a patient who is bleeding or unconscious or has had a heart attack, or while you are going to the hospital with such a patient. Get stuck in traffic, even though you have to arrive in five minutes. The crowds are becoming unbearable, "Adem Zalihic, director of the Sarajevo Canton Emergency Medical Service, told Adem Zalihic .

He added that today's patient, who eventually managed to get to the hospital, was probably an emergency.

Adem Zalihić - undefined
Foto: Dženan Kriještorac / Adem Zalihić

"We are forced to violate traffic regulations , and there are often sanctions for that. Well you can’t go with a resuscitated patient and watch if you’re driving 50 or 60 an hour. But the cameras don't recognize it. However, the commander of the traffic police and I made an agreement for me to confirm in writing that it is an urgent medical intervention when a traffic violation is recorded, "said Zalihić.

The director of the ambulance appealed to the citizens to have a feeling when an ambulance arrives, especially if it is under rotation, and to move or move to the side. He also appealed to be careful where the vehicles are parked, because tomorrow you or someone close to you can be in the ambulance, while every second on the way to the hospital may be crucial.