All nurses / technicians in KS will receive education in basic and advanced life support measures, and the citizens of KS will certainly benefit the most.

Visiting dear people with a very nice occasion.
On April 17, 2019, due to a working meeting, representatives of the Chamber of Nurses-Technicians of Sarajevo Canton visited the Public Institution ZHMP KS.
The topic of the meeting was the establishment of business cooperation between these two institutions with special emphasis on education of all nurses-technicians of Sarajevo Canton in the Education Center of JU ZHMP KS, and active participation of educators of JU ZHMP KS in all scientific-professional gatherings that KMSTKS will organize in the future.

On behalf of KMSTKS, the meeting was attended by: President of KMSTKS Doc.dr.sci.zdravs Hadžan Konjo, Secretary General of KMSTKS Sead Džomba, President of the Assembly of KMSTKS Amil Čengić, President of the Board of KMSTKS Zineta Mulaosmanović, members of the Board of KMSTKS Samija Džanko, Sanija Porović, Magbula Grabovica and Aner Durakovic, and President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
Emir Smajic

The meeting took place in a great atmosphere and to the mutual satisfaction it was agreed to initiate a formal legal procedure in order to start with the realization of common goals.
The KMSTKS delegation was welcomed and hosted by the Emergency Working Group headed by Adem Zalihić, M.Sc., Director of the Public Institution ZHMP KS, Aida Gavranović, M.Sc. Popara educator of the Education Center of the Public Institution ZHMP KS.