The routes of drug administration in the treatment of a vitally endangered patient are of great importance. In addition to the intravenous and intraosseous route, the administration of the drug by inhalation in certain emergencies certainly represents an important segment in their treatment.
Previous inhalers were stationary and required electricity for their work, so as such they were not available to medical teams at the scene of the accident . Following the modern trends of emergency medicine and the development of medical equipment, the management of the Public Institution ZHMP KS provided 36 mobile inhalers. These are ultrasonic inhalers of a newer generation, extremely small in size, which, thanks to the battery supply, have complete autonomy in their work. Thanks to these mobile inhalers, KS emergency medical teams will also have access to this method of drug administration in the treatment of an emergency patient at the scene of an accident in all weather conditions.
Each JU ZHMP KS cardiomobile will be equipped with the mentioned inhaler from February 28, 2020, after the medical staff undergoes training related to this segment.
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