J.U. The Public Health Institute of Sarajevo Canton, with the technical support of USAID, prepared the Brochure "Everything We Need to Know About COVID-19?" The brochure provides answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 disease, and consists of the following chapters:
Basic information of this COVID-19
How does the virus spread? What are the symptoms of COVID-19? Pregnancy and COVID-19
Breastfeeding and COVID-19
The most effective prevention measures and COVID-19
COVID-19 therapy
Recommendations for the use of face maxi, medical and protective masks
Self-insulation and COVID-19
Household cleaning and disinfection,
Car cleaning and disinfection,
Proper disposal of household waste and COVID-19
Mental Health and COVID-19
Diabetes and COVID-19
Dementia and COVID-19
Chronic diseases and COVID-19
COVID-19 testing You can download the brochure at the link below